You want your website, brochure or book to reach a different audience. A translation seems like a great way to achieve this goal, but you don’t want the quality of the translation to be inferior to the original text. After all, you’ve spent so much time and effort on getting it just right. Still, you’re also looking for an affordable solution.

Tradukt offers the quality you need at a reasonable price. We offer translation from a different angle. Your text will be in the hands of capable professionals. These translators are not only experts at the target language, they are also great writers and copywriters. They will make sure the end result reads smoothly and functions well as a commercial tool at the same time. In addition, they will optimise the translation for search engines, which means the Dutch or French version of your website will be just as easy to find using Google as the English one. All of this will be done without compromising the quality, style or content of your original text.

At Tradukt, a text is not a faceless product. We always keep the goal and target audience of the text in mind to make sure that the style and personality of your original work is maintained.

Tradukt offers more than straightforward text translations. We can also translate text in a graphical context, such as brochures or manuals in PDF format. If you are in need of such a translation, Tradukt will make sure the original look of the design is maintained.

Tradukt can also translate audiovisual projects. Besides translators, we also offer voice actors and audio producers. This allows us to translate podcasts, radio commercials and other spoken word material. Dubbing and subtitling of videos is also possible.

Do you want to find out more about Tradukt and our possibilities? Feel free to contact us!



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