Tradukt offers more than traditional straight-up translations. We also take the style of your original text into account and take care that its quality and personality is never lost in translation.

In addition, we specialise in search engine optimisation or SEO. A combination of techniques involving the particular use of words makes the translated version of your website easy to find using search engines such as Google and Bing. We can even improve the SEO of your original text if you like!

Despite all of these assets, Tradukt remains a highly affordable translation service. We work with a very small group of very professional people who all have more than one expertise. Our translators are also copywriters.. This allows us to keep the price low for high quality services.

An overview of our rates:

Price rates for pure text

Our rate for text translations is € 0,07 per word. We always keep the unique style of your original text into account.

Our rate for text translations with particular attention paid to SEO (recommended for websites!) is €0,09 per word. This is considerably cheaper than hiring a separate SEO specialist and yields the same results.

Price rates for text in a graphical context

Tradukt can also translate text in a graphical environment, such as:

  • Brochures
  • Manuals
  • Comics

We can deliver the finished product in PDF format or as an image file such as JPEG.

We are not a graphic design agency. We do not create designs, logos or graphic lettering. However, we are able to translate articles with specific fonts, margins, spacing and the like (including any pictures) and return them to you finished, looking the same as the original.

Our rates for translating text in a graphical context is not calculated on the amount of words, but the duration of the work. A file containing little text and lots of images can be as complex or as challenging to translate as a file containing mostly straightforward text.

Our price rate for the translation of text in a graphical context is € 25 per hour of work.

Feel free to send contact us and send your material to get a free quote in advance, no strings attached!