Translation of audio

One of Tradukt’s unique qualities is our ability to translate audio. We can provide voice-over talent and audio production to bring the translation of your project to life.

Perhaps you want to have your website translated but you don’t know what to do with the many videos on that site? Perhaps you want to hear a Dutch version of your English jingle? Most translation agencies will only offer a translation of the script, forcing you to start looking for new voice actors and audio producers.

Tradukt is more than a translation service. We can actually realise the audio of your translation.

If you need a translation for your video, podcast, radio commercial or flash animation, in most cases you’ll be forced to hire a translation agency first, then find voice actors who speak the target language, book studio time and hire sound designers and editors to take care of the postproduction. This is a long, complicated and expensive process.

Tradukt offers a much more affordable total package that makes the translation of multimedia a lot easier.  Tradukt is capable of completely tackling the translation of your audio project and we do mean completely. From the translation of the script up until the postproduction of the voice recordings and delivering the finished audio. We do this not only for professional websites but also for small, light-hearted projects at a fair price that respects your budget and limitations.

With a good voice and postproduction your finished product will sound professional and high-quality.

Are you interested in the translation of an audio project? Feel free to contact us to get a quote or to ask us any question.