Tradukt’s translators are bilingual copywriters, too. Copywriting as a term refers to the creation of persuasive texts such as advertisements, brochures or websites intended to excite people for a particular product or event. Copywriting is a branch of professional writing that requires not only a writer’s ability and linguistic affinity but also specific skills such as creativity under restrictive circumstances, empathy and analytical thinking. A copywriter has to be able to address the target audience’s expectations intelligently and strategically, offering precisely the sort of content that attracts not just large amounts of people, but the right people.

If you want a copy for your website, newsletter, brochure or advertisement, you can employ Tradukt to provide it in any and all of our three languages: English, French and Dutch.

Tradukt can also deliver long-term content on a regular basis. Websites will attract more visitors when they regularly offer new content. Frequently posted news items or announcements can do wonders for your website’s ability to reach people, especially when you also use social media such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter effectively. As an entrepreneur or organiser of an event it can be difficult to keep finding the time to publish new content regularly, and you may not be the kind of person who enjoys writing to begin with. Tradukt can take this burden off your shoulders and ensure great web content so you can fully focus on the company or organisation itself. By providing well-written content, Tradukt can contribute enormously to the success of your website.

Another unique advantage is Tradukt’s ability to provide a copy in two different languages, both written by the same person. This ensures a consistent style in keeping with your needs and desires.

Tradukt specialises in SEO (search engine optimisation). When you request a copy for a site, we can make sure the text is fully optimised for Google, Bing and Yahoo. This will drastically improve your website’s ranking and makes it much easier to bring in visitors.

Tradukt is also an affordable copywriting solution.  Feel free to contact us if you wish to request a quote or if you simply want to ask a question.