Whether you have written a website, a brochure or even an entire book, you undoubtedly want your project to reach as many people as possible. One way to achieve this is to look further than your own language.

The Dutch language is spoken in three countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname. These three countries together form the Dutch Language Union. The island states of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten also recognise Dutch as an official language. There are about 30 million Dutch speakers in the world.

French is native to 300 million people. It is spoken in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco and several other countries.

Translation: more than you think

Most people don’t expect much more from a translation than a simple change of language. In many situations you probably won’t need much more than that. If all you need is an idea of the gist of a text, it suffices to paste it into an automatic translator like Google Translate. A quick glance at that translation will be enough to see how robotic translations such as these often lead to wrong, even hilarious results. A human translator is able to think critically, to keep the context in mind and to deliver an accurate translation that conveys exactly what you intend.

Still, this not everything. Sometimes a good translation needs to keep much more in mind than just the content. Your original text also has a style and a tone and in many cases you want to keep what’s unique about your text in the translation. The personality of your words can have a great impact on the reader. Tradukt offers translation services that deal with this need intelligently.

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Translation of your website

While Tradukt delivers other kinds of translation services as well, we specialise in the translation of websites. If you have written a web text for a professional site, you’ve probably thought a great deal about its commercial value. This vital but fragile quality can get lost in translation if it’s not handled well. That’s why at Tradukt your translation will be written by a professional copywriter. The translator takes special care of optimising your text for search engines. This is a discipline called SEO (search engine optimisation). We’ll make sure the translated version of your site will be just as easy to find using Google, Bing or Yahoo as the original. This combination of accuracy, commercial value and SEO makes Tradukt translations more than meets the eye at no extra cost. If you wish it, we can even improve the SEO value of your original text.