vertaling afbeeldingMost translation agencies can translate into many different languages but their services tend to be limited to a straightforward translation of written text. If you send them a text in a graphical environment such as a PDF manual or a brochure, they will only provide the translation in straightforward text format. At Tradukt, you can send us a text in a graphical environment such as a flyer or even a web comic and we can return the translated version to you as an image file or PDF, keeping the design intact. Of course, this comes with the caveat that we can only provide this service for normal text in a graphical environment. We cannot create a translated version of your 3D gold lettering logo as that would primarily be a complicated graphic design assignment rather than a translation service.

Not only do we accept translations in a graphically designed context, but we also make sure that our translation retains the style, intention and humour (where appropriate) of your original work rather than providing a boring translation that gets the words right, but doesn’t send the message you intend.

Do you have an image file or PDF you wish to have translated and are you wondering whether Tradukt can take care of the final product? Feel free to contact us and get a quote, free of charge and no strings attached!