Translation types

Most agencies offer translations to many different languages, but often these translations remain fairly limited. They tend to stick to straight-up translations that lose sight of the unicity of your text. In the translation of websites, few translation agencies take even a passing glance at SEO. And besides, most traditional translation agencies can only translate written text.

Tradukt is different. We only translate between Dutch, English and French, but we can keep the creative qualities of your text and even improve the SEO.

On top of this, Tradukt offers three kinds of translations. We translate text, images and audio. Each kind of translation receives the same amount of care and attention. Our translators are equally well-versed in different media.

Translation of written text

Most assignments deal with the translation of written text. Tradukt does not distinguish between the intended publishing formats of texts. We will translate both for digital and for printed media. Besides websites, newsletters and brochures, we will also translate creative text such as articles, stories or even novels. All of this at reasonable prices.

Translation of images

Some customers like to provide their text in the form of an image. In most cases this will be a text connected to a specific graphic design, such as a brochure, a folder, a manual or even a comic book. We can translate all of these and maintain the original design, provided we’re dealing with normal text placed in a graphical environment. Logos and graphic lettering are much more difficult because the emphasis will then be on the graphical aspect, rather than the translation itself. Still, feel free to contact us, send us your design and we will see what we can do. Tradukt will be upfront about what we can and cannot do and when we do commit to a project, we see it through to the end.

Feel free to send us your text in the form of PDF or image files such as JPEG or GIF. The price of such a translation depends on the amount of time spent on the graphical element of it. We will give you a fair indication in advance.

Translation of audio

Besides translators, Tradukt also works with voice actors and sound producers. This means we can also make translations of audio recordings.

We can translate speech on podcasts, instructional videos, audiobooks or animation. We also offer the option of subtitles for video projects.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our working methods.